I am a doctoral student of urban geography at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Under the supervision of Ruth W. Gilmore, my doctoral research investigates the gendered history of public housing in Johannesburg from 1930–1994. Drawing on a range of Marxist, feminist, and postcolonial theory, I attend specifically to how material and discursive struggles around family housing contributed to unsettling and re-articulating racialized constructions of women, family, and urban space. This research speaks to a broader academic and political interest in repositioning women as central the production of cultural landscapes and foregrounding women’s histories and political subjectivities in the study of state-formation. My current research interests, combined with my background in political economy and rural sociology, inform my teaching practice in the Urban Affairs and Planning department at Hunter College.

I have been working since 2011 as designer and production manager with Common Notions, an independent publishing house whose books aim to contribute to the creation of worlds beyond capitalism. I also co-founded a freelance graphic design cooperative, Antumbra Design, which applies lessons from a long tradition of radical visual arts to inform a collaborative practices of contemporary book design. I have been involved in various feminist and anti capitalist cultures and movements over the past decade or so. Through my interrelated intellectual, political, and professional pursuits, I participate in a broad network of international collaborators, including academics, activists, and cultural producers.